Sheds & Installation

Our Program

1. FS Landscape will come measure and review your site plan for your structure.

2. If Permits are Required, FS Landscape can submit all paperwork and drawings.

3. FS landscape will Install the proper structure pad, using the required Township Regulations.

4. The customer will pick the structure and specific specifications of their shed.

5. FS Landscape will process the order, and have the customer sign off prior to construction.

6. When the shed company delivers the structure, FS Landscape will be on site to place the shed assuring that the shed is level and built to the customers specifications.

The shed pad is the most overlooked investment when purchasing a new shed. Most of us think of the protection of the items we will store in a shed, but rarely do we think about protecting the shed itself. When installed properly, a portable shed or garage can last a lifetime. To help protect your shed, and thus your investment, it’s best to install a shed pad where your new building is going to be placed.

The most obvious reason to install a shed pad is to level the area in which you’re going to place your shed.
The other is to provide consistant support to the foundation of your shed. Placing a shed on blocks creates ‘pressure points’ at each location of the blocks. Over time this can cause the foundational runners on your building to begin to sag, this can cause other structural challenges as everything is supported by those foundational runners.

The last obvious reason to install a gravel shed pad is to provide drainage away and from under your building. This improves moisture control and also deters ‘critters’ from fidning a home under your shed.

But there are some other, often overlooked benefits of installing a gravel shed pad for your new building. Below you will see two instances in which a shed pad can assist in keeping your building looking like new.