Seasonal Cleanup

Spring Cleanup

The following spring clean up services shall be performed and completed on or before April 7th:

1. Spring clean up, including hand raking and cultivating the bed areas in preparation for the growing season.

2. General clean up of leaves, debris etc. and create 3” deep vertical edges on all planting beds and tree saucers.

3. Pre-emergent herbicide to be applied to beds and saucers with care that spring bulb plantings are not damaged.

4. Prune all winter kill/dead branches on trees and shrubs. Thinning and shaping of overgrown shrubs shall be done after blooming/hardening off.

5. Trim all overhanging trees/branches.

6. Lawn Maintenance – Hand rake and blow off the lawn areas in preparation of the growing season and removal of debris to an off-site location.





7. Parking/ Driveway Lot Sweeping – The parking areas shall be swept or blown off once as part of spring clean up.