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Lovely grown in pots, troughs, or as mass plantings, pansies have never gone out of fashion. These lightly scented flowers are available in a huge range of colors. The dark centers in some flowers are thought to resemble little faces. They grow only six to ten inches high and can spread up to ten to twelve inches across. They grow well in sun or semi-shade, and can tolerate cool weather.

Sow seeds in autumn in warm zones or in spring in cooler areas. Seeds are fine and best started indoors. Set transplants at six inch intervals in well-composted soil when seedlings are one to two inches high. Provide deep, weekly waterings to promote strong growth and good flowering. Apply a liquid plant food biweekly.

Flowers bloom in late winter and spring in warm areas and in summer in cool zones. Bloom period is extended when faded flowers are removed regularly. Flowers can be cut to add to small bouquets or arrange in float bowls.