Fall Clean Up Checklist


Clean out-  old annuals and weeds before seeds drop.

Cut back- spent perennials that create hiding places for slugs, snails, and other pests. Prevent problem seeds from spreading.

Leave- dried flowers, ornamental grasses, and seed heads that look good and provide food for birds.

Plant- fall is a great time to plant trees and shrubs .

Build- a simple compost bin for fall leaves. Add fresh leaves and grass cuttings to your compost and cover until spring.

Rake up-  and dispose of leaves around roses, apple trees, and plants susceptible to powdery mildew and other pests and diseases that overwinter on debris.

Remove-  diseased tomato, potato, and squash foliage to prevent disease. Do not toss these plants in the compost. Bag and discard.

Remove-  dead branches from roses and fruit trees (no pruning yet).

Mulch-  freshen up you beds.

Plant- spring bulbs.