A REAL DANGER to Your Landscape— Spotted Lanternfly

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A REAL DANGER to Your Landscape— Spotted Lanternfly

FS Landscape is Certified in Preventing and Controlling the Spotted Lanternfly.

The Spotted Lanternfly was first identified in Berks County, in 2014.  It is believed to have been carried on a pile of stone from its native range of Asia.  The Spotted Lanternfly is an Invasive Planthopper that Will Spread Quickly and Destroy Trees, Landscapes & Fruit Crops.

2 Good Links to Help you Understand the Spotted Lanternfly better.   Pa Department of Ag     How to Control or Eliminate

We Highly Recommend a Systemic Insecticide Treatment 1 Time per Year-  (preferably in March / Early April).  This is a trunk and bark application, and or a soil drench.  The reason to apply in the Early Season — When the Trees and Shrubs start to Leaf Out, the Insecticide is “sucked” throughout the Tree or Shrub.  If the Lanternfly then tries to bore into the Tree/ Shrub— it will then be poisoned.

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